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 How to protect Your Computer From Computer Viruses


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Keylogger monitors every keystroke a computer user makes as well as system events.  Which means thieves can steal your password, email addresses, IM (instant messenger) usernames, banking information and other sensitive details.

Rootkits the most sinister of all types of malware, going to the operating system and disabling security features such as firewalls and anti-virus programs, this rendering themselves invisible.  They also install other malicious code, change your setting and system configurations, access private files, and generally affect security and system performance.

Trojan horse pretend to be innocuous plugins, add-ons, or even Encoder/Decoder for multimedia audio or video player such as WinAmp, and other harmless software.  Often sent through an email or web page written to trick you into installing the Trojan.  Typically found on music or video downloads.

Worm self-propagating (they multiply on their own) form of malware.  Worms hunt for security flaws in other computers on the same network as an infected computer and copy themselves onto the new computer through that loophole.  This can result in huge network traffic floods or outages, as well as mass infection over a short period of time.

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laporte indiana local business information web site local business of laporte, Laporte Business play a big role in supporting our town


Laporte Indiana local business information web site local business of  Laporte, Laporte Business play a big role in supporting our town

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